The DVD cover from Nov 2008.


The 2008 review (first DVD release):

"Handmade was originally released on VHS in 1988 and the then editor, Chris Rowe gave it a very favourable review in Miscellany. {You can read it here.} On the occasion of the 20th anniversary producer and director, Richard Atherton, has now released it on DVD. Apart from the obvious improvements in picture quality, you get the usual DVD menu which includes some scene selections and a tantalising 15 minute edited highlights of Handmade 2, So how does it hold up after 20 years? The simple answer is, very well indeed. It is only dated in the way that production has changed at the Morgan Motor Company in those two decades. Any regular visitor to Pickersleigh Road will be well aware of the changes that have taken place.

1988 was before Sir John Harvey Jones and Troubleshooter. It marked the introduction of the new Plus 4 and the opening shots show a prototype driving through the Malvern Hills to the strains of Elgar's Nimrod. This sets the tone for Handmade, which is a very affectionate and detailed picture of "The Making of a Morgan". Handmade starts with the old familiar sight of laying down nine chassis, then taking us through every aspect of Morgan manufacture. Chris Goffey's commentary is interspersed with interviews with both Peter and Charles Morgan. Their comments give, from our point of view, an interesting retrospective of Morgan manufacture at that time. Voice-over comments from members of the workforce at different stages of build give an extra dimension to Handmade that liftsit above a run-of-the-mill documentary. We get to see areas like the wood mill and machine shop where, for safety reasons, visitors are not normally allowed. It has a wonderfully relaxed pace, well-suited to the manufacture of Morgan at that time."

(Reproduced with kind the permission of Brian Downing
and The Morgan Sports Car Club)


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